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Wed Design for


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Check out the super clever navigation of this site. No matter what page you are on, as you scroll down you end up on the homepage.


POSTED BY Pierre ON 2013-06-28

Bass and Flinders Gateway

The exciting Bass and Flinders Gateway project for Wollongong deserves a gorgeous highly visual web site that is fully responsive design. (more…)

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Responsive Design for Virginia Wilson Art

Virginia Wilson is an Art Consultant specialising in art installations for large corporate projects. We built her a beautiful portfolio site that uses responsive design. Ensuring it looks and works great on Desktops, Tablets and Phones alike.


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Hyde Park Bootcamps

Get your sneakers on and grab a towel. Head down to Hyde Park Bootcaps to get sweaty and loose some pounds!! Visit

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Effective Online Presence
Are you getting the most out of your online presence? Is your online strategy serving your business in the most effective way?

Below are some checkpoints to ensure you are on track. It is by no means a complete list. Larger organisations and e-commerce sites have more complex issues to consider. It is however a good 101 checklist that applies to everyone across the board. (more…)

POSTED BY Pierre ON 2013-05-16

Cost of SEO

Many of my clients are surprised to learn about the cost of Search Engine Optimisation and Online Marketing.

To better understand why the cost is what it is let’s have a look at what exactly is involved to improve your rankings in Search Engines.


POSTED BY Pierre ON 2013-05-15

We are very excited to launch our new Kinetik Web Site. Utilising HTML5 & jQuery it showcases what is possible with these new technologies. Navigate the site using your arrow keys, or just swipe your fingers if using an iPad. If you are more traditional a good old mouse click will also do the trick. (more…)

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Designed by our friends Leuver Design // Spacelab Design, the girls brought us in to manage the website programming. Based on the WordPress CMS system the site features over 70 barrister profiles and beautiful fading transitions. (more…)